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The Byrd Room


Charlie Byrd

The Byrd Connection

Before his death in 1999, Charlie Byrd played several concerts at the then-nascent Mainstay. He loved the relaxed atmosphere and fine acoustics of the room. His personal interest attracted many of his world-class jazz colleagues who continue to play regularly at The Mainstay to this day.

The Byrd Room

In 2004 the newly configured bar and lounge area was dedicated The Byrd Room in honor of Charlie Bryd’s legacy and its lasting impact on The Mainstay’s success. Rebecca Byrd, Charlie Byrd’s widow, has graciously donated a trove of Byrd memorabilia to The Mainstay. Photographs, artwork, autographed album covers, even furniture, now copiously decorate The Byrd Room.

Food & Drink

Before concerts and during intermission snacks and drinks are available at the bar in The Byrd Room.

Charlie Byrd & Tom McHugh

The bar in The Byrd Room


“Charlie would be thrilled to still be featured at The Mainstay.”

Becky Byrd

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