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The Deanna Bogart Band

The Deanna Bogart Band

7:00 PM New Year's Day!
Blues, Boogie Woogie and R&B

Monday, January,1 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

$20 in advance (use Buy Tickets link below) or $23 at the door (call for reservations)

Start off the New Year right as Mainstay favorite Deanna Bogart returns with her spectacular combination of boogie-woogie, rocking contemporary blues, country and jazz into a splendid blend she calls “blusion.” In defining it, she says, " all grows out of the blues... it just doesn't always end there..." Her keyboards dazzle, her saxophone soulfully wails, and her smoky vocals bring out the best in her original cut-above songwriting and her covers. Her fusion of blusion -- spontaneous, sophisticated, fearless and fun -- has garnered her three consecutive Blues Music Awards for Horn Instrumentalist of the Year and an endorsement contract with Rico Reeds. She has won, at last count, more than 20 Wammies, the music awards for the hotly contested Washington, D.C. region. The rest of the band is Mike Aubin on drums, Chuck Underwood on guitar and Scott Ambush on bass.

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