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A Hilarious Play about Motherhood

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

$15 Call Trina at 610-742-0552 to reserve your spot!

Direct from San Francisco, Stretchmarks, the hilarious heartfelt play about motherhood returns to The Mainstay. Written by FOUR mommas FOR mommas Stretchmarks is a fun MOMentous playdate complete with massages and momma sippy cups filled with wine…and no kids. :-) Based in San Franscico, the play will be performed by 4 fabulous mommas. They promise you will will will will recognize your will recognize your fellow will recognize yourself. Stretchmarks, written in 2003 by four new moms, is a funny and touching play that is a love letter to the thrilling, maddening joyride that is motherhood. It's a wonderful, way to bond with other mommas and feel a sense of mompowerment and mamaraderie. They say, “Bring us your tired/stressed out parents (Poppa's love us, too.) Bring your momma squad...heck, bring your momma and your grandmomma. This is a most excellent way to make the mommas cool and happy on a hot summer night. Cause we all know...if MOMMA ain't happy...ain't NObody happy!” Call Trina at 610-742-0552 to reserve your spot!

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