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Chuck Redd and The Bucket Brothers

Chuck Redd and The Bucket Brothers

Logan and Casey Valleroy

Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

$17 in advance (use Buy Tickets below) or $20 at the door (call for reservations)

Our favorite jazz drummer and vibraphonist, Chuck Redd brings us the North Carolina-based Bucket Brothers, Logan and Casey Valleroy. Logan has played violin since the age of 7, winning fiddle competitions, scholarships, and numerous accolades along the way. He is also a highly accomplished swing and jazz guitarist, and enjoys playing the mandolin, electric bass, drums, and piano. Casey began playing piano when he was 5. He also plays drums, saxophone, and melodica. Since 2012, they have captivated audiences with their sophisticated arrangements, seamless improvisation, and beyond-their-years mastery of jazz. Both brothers display a depth of musical understanding and an ability to listen to one another that is rare at such a young age. – they are 13 and 16. Derek Kratzer, who has shared the stage with David Grisman and Del McCoury, says, "Technical proficiency and performance can be learned, but listening to one another requires a different kind of understanding and awareness that can only come through experience."

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The Bucket Brothers video

Chuck Redd introduces the Bucket Brothers at the Kennedy Center (at 35 minutes)


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