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Community Outreach

Clown & Kids

Clown & Kids

Since opening, The Mainstay has been a center for a variety of community activity… Need a place to gather? Call The Mainstay!


We have hosted Weight Watchers, Yoga classes, AA, Music rehearsals, Music instruction, Book Club, Friends of Eastern Neck Refuge, Local artist shows, and so much more.


In addition, The Mainstay has a program called Kids Are First, which sponsors a variety of activity aimed at kids. We have a mural painting fund for decorating our outside walls; we bring entertainment for families, we take music to local schools, we support bands made up of high school students by giving them a venue in which to present their music…


In short, we are open, free and interested in developing community. Come join us.


The Mainstay has three on-going “subsidiary operations” that are part of its Mission and portfolio of activities:


Each of these was entirely conceived and created by the volunteer group associated with The Mainstay.


“The Mainstay has maintained its focus of being part of the community through countless relationships between and among the arts, business, and government.”

Bernadette Van Pelt
Kent Country Tourism

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